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Our first marketing campaign
Team update.....
Open House
Open House
New hire orientation starts in less than 6 hours....


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Our first marketing campaign

We've got flyers up at local businesses, our sign will be up outside today and we have a posting on craigslist. Where else should we be advertising?

Team update.....

So many things happening here! Just wanted to take a minute to introduce my team and tell everyone how awesome they are :) These guys are all wonderful people and I am blessed that the Lord has brought them to us.

Ali- Assistant Teacher - full of energy and creativity Ali will be working with our school age kids. Helping with homework, expending energy and tutoring will be just a few of the things she'll be doing. She's an avid horse lover and I'm hoping I can get her to take me horseback riding one day.

Open House

Deep breath in, hold it.....and release.

That's been my mantra for the last week.

Unfortunately, I think I've been doing it to often because yesterday I was trying to keep it together by doing my breathing and the next thing I knew I woke up face first on my desk with a massive headache. 

I either hyperventilated     OR     the electrical shock I got when trying to put on an outlet cover finally shorted out my brain. 

Oh well! Doesn't matter because......I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT TOMORROW I CAN'T STAND IT!

Open House

Drrrruuuummmmm Roll Puh-lease.......

Fusion Learning & Development Center is excited to announce that we will be hosting an open house on November 2nd from 10am - 2pm.

There will be tours of the facility, games, prizes, free hot dogs, chips and drinks for all! Beginning at 10:30 we will have a short presentation which will be repeated every 30 minutes with the last presentation at 1 pm. This is a fantastic opportunity for families to ask questions and meet our staff.

And the best news of all is that our enrollment fees will be reduced to only $10 per child on THIS DAY ONLY.

New hire orientation starts in less than 6 hours....

Yes, I am at work at 3:30 am.
Yes, I am dog tired.
Yes, I have important stuff to do today and I should be in bed.
No, I am not crazy.
What I am is nervous and a little stressed. 

I have people depending on me to be successful so they can support their families. They are depending on me to cross all my t's and dot all my i's so the multiple entities that govern what we do don't swoop in and shut us down. They are depending on me to be financially responsible so that we can keep the doors open for families that need our services.

Openings available

We are definitely rockin' along! Equipment is coming in, paperwork is coming along but we still need a couple of teachers and a cook! 

If you have a servants heart, a passion for teaching (or a passion for food) and you enjoy working with children please email your resume to CJ Littleton at cj@fusionldc.com. You may also call 405.872.8099 with questions about the open positions.

Fusion LDC welcomes Dorrie and Selena to our team

We are experiencing so much progress and change, July is going to be a huge month to see even more. ESPECIALLY with the addition of our new team members! Please help us welcome Selena Hudgins, Office Aide, and Dorrie Trent, Center Director, to the FLDC crew. 

We are bursting at the seams with joy and excitement and we can't wait to see what (or who) God sends our way next. Have a blessed day!

It's official!!!

We signed the lease today!!! 

Fusion Learning & Development Center
508 E Cherry Street
Noble, OK 73068

I would have posted this earlier but I was too busy hyperventilating into a paper bag. Any time we take "big steps" like this the enemy tries to sneak in and play on our doubts. Am I crazy, who's gonna let me educate their kids? My family can't afford this, I'm being selfish asking them to sacrifice for me! I'm not ready maybe I should wait? There are some many issues going on in the world, I should be focusing on those.

Director/Assist Director for new child development center (Noble, OK)

JOB OPENING: Director and/or Assistant Director

Fusion Learning & Development Center
Noble, OK 73068(405) 517.2749

We are estimating an opening that coincides with the start of the next school year. The selected individual(s) will be integral in the opening of this new child development center.

Job Requirements:
Must meet requirements for Bronze level director credentials from CECPD.
Prefer Associate or Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education or equivalent education and experience.
Experience managing staff, working with parents and children, and working with a parent advisory board in a team environment.

Progress Report

Starting a business is like being pregnant. 

For months you read books, talk to others that can give you advice on what's coming, get examinations, take tests and basically worry yourself to death with the fear that you are going to screw up this new bundle of joy so completely that it will be damaged beyond repair. You lay in bed going back and forth between thanking God for this precious gift and questioning Him on why He would choose you for such an important undertaking.

For New Mommies there are celebrations for milestones like hearing "Jelly Bean's" heartbeat for the first time, seeing tiny JB in that first ultrasound picture, having a baby shower to celebrate with friends, decorating JB's room, picking a "real" name and that bittersweet first trip home.
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